GUILD HALLThe Guild is the heartbeat of the Altairan economy. The four kingdoms stand upon fragile alliances and the Guild seeks to build unity and trust between kingdoms, for all must stand together in order to face the shadow that is growing in Altaira.
The Guild’s border lies beyond the game of Altaira. This is a community that has both in-game and real-wold benefits. Members will be able to enjoy a bounty of rewards and immersive in-game experiences, once Altaira is released, The purpose of the Altairan Guild is to build a community that will help us in our mission to foster mass adoption of Web3 gaming. Below are a few examples of the benefits that members can participate in.
DashBoardThe Altairan Guild Membership NFT will grant members access to our dashboard. The Dashboard will bring the members’ community together, and it will feature its own chat system that will allow members to communicate with anyone in the guild. This will be extremely useful when we introduce our Guild Faction System. Members will also be able to participate in quests via the Dashboard (See Guild Ranking Rewards for info). Once Altaira is released, the Dashboard will serve as hub for Guild member activities within the game; it will also feature real-time game data that will be crucial to those activities.
LAND DEEDAltaira will be a vast, open-world and certain sections of the continent will be divided into land parcels that will be available to purchase. Owning land in Altaira will have extensive utility within the game. If you are a Guild member that owns land, you will be able to unlock some of the play-to-earn features of the Guild. Members will be able to stake their land to earn extra rewards once our staking system is live.
NPC BUSINESSSimilar to land deeds, NPC businesses will have extensive utility within the game and will be a major part of the economy within Altaira. Members who own an NPC business will unlock some of the play-to-earn features within the guild. The more players that interact with a member’s NPC business in-game will give bonuses to the member’s earning potential. As members rank up within the guild they will be granted access to mint higher-tiered business blue prints. Imagine growing from just one small potion shop in town to owning a fleet of airships in a major port that ferries thousands of players around Altaira. Whatever you decide to do, the Altairan economy needs you!
SPONSORSHIPMembers will be able to participate in sponsorships which will allow players to create a character and join the world of Altaira with zero start-up costs to the player. Guild members who sponsor a player will be able to reap a portion of the rewards and any sales of assets that the player participates in during the sponsorship contract for a certain period of time (tbd). At the end of the sponsorship contract, the player will be able to fully own his account. The goal of the sponsorship program is to incentivize players to join Altaira through a mutually beneficial relationship between the sponsor and sponsee. The player is able to join Altaira at no barrier to them and the guild member gets to participate in the rewards with the player.
PERKSWhile being a member grants you perks in Altaira, you will also get perks with some of our incredible gaming partners! We have taken great consideration with bringing on gaming partners who share our vision of growth and mass adoption of Web3 gaming space. Our members will receive access for the beta test with some of our partners and in other potential game perks as well. As we continue to develop Altaira we will be sure to focus on interoperability with some of our gaming partners.
VIPOur Guild members are very important to us! Our aim is to create a special experience for our members at any of our real-world events. Members that participate in our events and conferences will automatically be upgraded to VIP status and will receive exclusive VIP perks at the event. Any event that Altaira attends, our members get access to our VIP parties. We have some exciting events planned for 2023 that you do not want to miss!
Win a Cameo Spot in our Live-Action Mini-SeriesIf you enjoyed our live-action teaser trailer, then wait to see what comes next! We have plans with our film team to produce a live-action mini-series that dives deeper into the lore and story of Altaira. We are focused on creating this type of content to attract a larger audience and grow the Altaira fanbase. We will have multiple drawings for a chance to make a guest appearance in our mini-series! Each winner will be flown out to meet our cast and crew for a day of filming. There will also be opportunities for guild members who want to support the mini series as well.
Guild Ranking RewardsMembers will have the ability to rank up within the guild! As members participate in any guild activities, members will gain experience points. Once a member has acquired enough experience points, the member can rank up. Achieving a new rank will unlock ranking rewards. The rewards may include; access to higher ranked guild activities, digital rewards, bonuses, access to higher level NPC business blueprints, real-world VIP rewards, and physical rewards.
We put a lot of thought into our rewards for our members and aim to make them special. One of our most prized rewards is our “Altairan Guild Ring” that can be obtained by reaching higher-tiered guild ranks. This ring is custom, handmade and 14kt gold. It was designed for us by a New Zealand family-owned jewelry design company, Jens Hansen, who is known for designing “The world‘s most famous fantasy fiction ring in history.” Guild members, now is the time to rank up and claim what’s rightfully yours!